Friday, September 2, 2011

Bloopers 2011

These are embarrassing true stories…so embarrassing that I am not willing to pronounce the names of those involved. LOL!

The Street Lights and the Pedestrian Across the Road

Lencho and Petra are waiting for the street lights to turn green when Lencho starts ranting.

Lencho: Ano ba yan! People don’t have self-discipline! What the heck! It’s still red and they’re already crossing. Hay naku..

Ambrosio is at the other end of the predestrian lane and starts crossing.

Ambrosio: hi, Lencho!

Lencho: Hi, Ambrosio!

Lencho suddenly gets transported back to reality when stupified Petra calls out for him.

Petra: Hey, it’s still red!

Then Lencho realizes he’s in the middle of the road!

Waaaaaaa! hahahahahahahhahaha

The Food with a Car

Pipita and Lencho start calling out for their classmates who have walked ahead of them when they see something… someone

Lencho: Uuuuyy hintay-

There is a moment of silence. They both get fixated at a figure opening the door of the van. 1… 2… 3… At the same time, they both swallow unconsciously.

Lencho: nakita mo yun, teh?

Pipita: oo.. pagkain teh!

Lencho: i know! at may car pa ha!

Cortes who?

Ingga: Uy kilala mo si Anne Cortes (supposedly Anne Curtis)

Portia: oo... yung anak ni Rez Cortes (the action star)

No… The Girl!

Lencho, Petra, and Pipita sharing funny stories. They talk simultaneously and laugh in between lines not giving room for an organized conversation

Pipita: Sino? jay babai?

Lencho (slightly disoriented from too much laughing): Haan! jay babai!

(ano daw? haha)

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