Saturday, July 10, 2010


i hate it...

~when i'm already late and the driver stops by to wait for more passengers. i can't resist stomping my feet or giving a loud sigh.

~when the passenger next to me pokes me just to hand his fare.

~when people just stare at my extended arms not getting my fare and not passing it forward.

~when the passenger beside me keeps on looking at me, thinking i'm reading his text messages or what he's typing. duhh.. i have a life!

~when i'm almost hanging on for support either because the driver said there's still space when there's none or because some parents let their kids sit when they didn't pay for them.

~when a couple in front of me start making out!

~when some teenager plays music loudly inside the jeepney thinking it's his room.

~when a drunk person beside me falls asleep and starts leaning on my back or shoulder.

~when the driver didn't hear me saying "para!", so i'm a hundred steps away from my destination.

~when i stood in line for almost 20 minutes and some rude person just get inside the jeepney not falling in line.

~when it's raining and i dont have an umbrella, and passengers have to fall in line to wait for jeepneys.

~when the driver is not giving my change after 4 times of reminding him about it.

~when the jeep is starting to move and i'm not yet out of the jeep.

i laughed...

~when a passenger about to get off the jeep said "manong babay!" instead of "manong para"

i got embarassed...

~when i handed tissue paper to a weeping old lady inside the jeep and she just ignored it.

~when i asked the driver for my change when he had already given it.

~when i shouted "para" yet it's not yet my destination, so i told the driver to "continue".


  1. manong babay! hahahaha.... kaloka

  2. may iniisip ata ang ale at "manong babay" ang nasabi... taz biglang bawi... "ay manong para pala!"LOL

  3. You said it again, Kabayan. You just read my thoughts, but I think I have a longer hate list than you do. Embarrassed! Well what Pinoy isn't? It's a daily routine on board the jeep. Mabuihay ka!

  4. thanks for the read Ma'am...

    im in my pensive mood when i'm riding in the jeepney on the way home. it's the last activity of the day, so i take that time to reflect on what has happened on that day. and my day gets ruined when any of those listed incidents happens...